• Welcome to the slightly dark world of Born of the Umbra

  • Numerous Ramblings from the crazy mind of a self confessed weirdo!

  • I even write shit, although, it will not be brilliant!

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Welcome to Born of the Umbra!

Wow! I can't believe you are here! How the hell did you find us? In fact, never mind that. Sit down, relax, pull up a chair and browse around whilst I attempt to share with you my ramblings and writings about various subjects. Trust me, it may not be worth it, but you won't forget it! 

You may also hit the Contact button below to head straight to the Contact section to send us some feedback or anything else you wish (within reason!). There is also a button called Help! You must only hit this button in emergencies and it will take you to the solution viable to your issue at the time.........honest! You can trust me guv! *winks*