Now this is where I try to get a little TOO creative. In here you will find various writings from short stories to my attempts at writing a novel. Honest it is going to happen AND you are going to read it because I will use my black voodoo magic to make it so! Although, I am still quite some way off before I share this stuff! *gulp*

The Ixis Blade - Part One

“In the darkest of times, he will come. The one who has walked amongst the shadows will stand before the precipice of doom and thrust within it the blade of black stone. The blade of legend, long forgotten will be wrought from the mountains of Artraya. Wielded by the warrior of the shadow it will bring a new dawn to the longest of nights.” As Pyris read the words to himself he closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Pyris was an old man, wrinkled, white haired and tired. He wore long black robes that seems to be folded endlessly as they flowed down his short and stout figure. As the light from the torch on the wall flicked light upon his face it glistened with the sweat that covered his face. Pyris immediately became agitated and spun around looking in all directions. He could hear the distance shouts and screams as if below a great battle.

Pyris returned his gaze to the parchment he held before him. Shaking his head he muttered “Warrior of the Shadow? The ancients were certainly rather vague”. He wiped the sweat from his brow with one hand before rolling the parchment and plunging it under his robes. Grabbing the torch from the wall he ventured further into the darkness.

The muffled sounds of battle above him seemed to get quitter and quitter the further along the passage he rushed. The sounds of his footsteps echoed against the stone walls. He would regularly stop, listen for a moment and then continue on as if he was waiting to hear something rushing behind him. Nothing could be now heard above him, not even the lightest of muffled sounds. All that could be heard was the patterned steps of Pyris himself. Before long, he reached a large wooden door that seemed to have been static for some time. The bolts and door hinges rusted and covered with cobwebs. Pyris placed the torch to the right of the door within a cobwebbed metal ring. He quickly reached for the bolt keeping the door secure and tugged with all his might attempting to open it. The bolt was stuck and no matter how hard he tried, it was not going to budge.

Pyris, listened for a moment to ensure there were no other sounds within the corridor. He then placed the palm of his hand over the lock and muttered something to himself. A light began to emanate from his hand as the lock began to glow as if an intense heat had been thrust into it. Pyris closed his eyes, lowered his head and slid his glowing hand to the side. The lock moved immediately and as Pyris raised his head again he pulled the door towards him. The air circled around him and pushed against him like a wall of it was being thrust towards him. The torch light was snuffed out by the power of the air and almost immediately as the air had passed Pyris he was being battered by droplets of water. The door had led outside and there was a storm crashing against it. Pyris tightened his robes around him and stepped through the doorway in the sheer darkness.

As Pyris walked forward the sound of water crashing upon rocks could be heard. He was close to the sea. A few moments after leaving the doorway a crack of lightning shot across the sky forking towards the ground. In the moment of light the mountains that surrounded Pyris could be made out majestically in the storm covered skyline. Pyris glanced down towards a stone harbour below him. There was a boat waiting, it was being pushed against the harbour wall and pieces of the hull were falling into the sea. It would not be able to last much longer before sinking beneath the endlessly crashing waves. Pyris, his eyes fixed upon the boat before the light faded from the sky, hurried down the stone steps before him. An almighty roar of thunder shattered the sound of the storm and rocketed around the mountains surrounding the harbour. Pyris stumbled down a couple of steps as the sounds hit him. Immediately after he found his feet silence hit. It was an abnormal silence, like the calm before a storm. The waves below him seemed to calm and subside. The wind seemed to be stifled and there was nothing. A voice bellowed behind Pyris and he was immediately filled with dread.

“Do not be stupid, old man” it spoke, deep and echoing around the harbour.

Pyris turned and could make out a shadow at the top of the staircase just outside the door he had left by. He closed his eyes and placed his hands upon his chest. A green light could be seen glowing gently against below it.

“Surely, you do not take me for a fool Pyris?” the voice asked as it seemed to be closer, louder.

Pyris opened his eyes and stared upon the shadow. The moon was now big and bright in the sky and the light was allowing the harbour to be bathed in light. Pyris could see a red circle glowing from an outstretched hand from the shadow above him. He closed his eyes as if expecting to be hit by it. Instead, a ball of light shot past him and a second later he could hear the sound of a small explosion behind him. The heat was intense, he turned and could see the boat engulfed in flames. He sighed and turned back to a chuckling shadow, now just a few steps above him.

“You would try to take from me the very thing I have hunted Pyris?” the voice asked mockingly.

“And what is that?” asked Pyris his heart thumping within his chest.

“You know fine well what I seek and you know the destruction I will bring to everything that stands in my way. Give it to me!” he demanded, the flicker of anger in the last few words.

Pyris wiped his brow and let out a long, deep sigh. “I have nothing to give you” he said, a smile hidden within the words.

“Do not make me kill you. I could have use for you if you only submit to my power. We can be strong together” said the shadow sincerely.

Pyris, lowered his head for a moment his hands dropping to his sides. He raised his gaze to the shadow and spoke “Never”. Immediately after the words left his mouth there was a flash of red light and Pyris dropped to the ground, motionless. The shadowed figured walked towards the shape on the floor and outstretched his hand. He muttered to himself but nothing happened.


“I know you had it old man, I will find where you have hidden it and I will take what is mine” the voice spoke. The shadows disappeared back up the stairs and through the doorway. As soon as the door closed the storm immediately began to rage again. Slowly, Pyris’ body began to disappear until there was nothing. The stone stairs were empty.